Welcome Community Bank of Bergen County!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  When was the merger completed?

A.  January 4, 2018.


Q. How will this merger affect my ability to transact business with Sussex Bank and Community Bank of Bergen County?

A. There will be no change until our operating systems are consolidated on March 26, 2018.  You should continue to make payments and deposits at your respective branch locations.


Q. How will the bank merger impact customers?

A. Customers will experience minimal changes in their day-to-day banking. Given the similarities between the banks’ business models, we anticipate a smooth transition. In fact, we anticipate a more comprehensive scope of services offered by both banks.


Q. Will Community Bank of Bergen County locations be changing their name to Sussex Bank?

A. All branch locations will continue to operate under their existing names until further notice.


Q. Will my account or routing number change?

A. If there are any account changes, customers will receive direct communication in advance along with detailed instructions to ensure a smooth transition. In the event there are any duplicate checking account numbers, we will provide those customers with a complimentary order of new checks to reflect this change.


Q. Will I need new checks and/or deposit slips?

A. You may continue to use your existing checks and deposit slips.


Q. Will this affect my direct deposit?

A. There will be no changes to your direct deposit at this time.


Q. Will my online banking, bill pay or debit card services change?

A. There will be no changes to your services at this time.   


Q. Will any branch or customer support hours change?

A. There will be no change in branch or customer support hours.


Q. Will my funds availability change?

A. Your funds availability will stay the same until further notice.


Q. Who can I contact with any additional questions?

A. Contact your local branch personnel or Commercial Loan Officer with any additional questions.