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Escrow Manager


If you're an attorney who holds clients' funds in escrow, save yourself the time and energy it takes to open, track and report on numerous individual accounts. Let SussexBank handle your escrow administration!

With Escrow Manager all of your escrow accounts can be opened quickly and easily as Sub-Accounts under your firm's Master Account. Accessing the account is just as easy. When you're ready to disburse funds simply write a check on your Master Account and include the number of the Sub-Account you would like to be debited.

With Escrow Manager you also get:

  • An unlimited number of sub-accounts that may be opened under the Master Account
  • The option to choose between an interest-bearing or non interest-bearing account
  • Monthly statements summarizing Master Account activity and detailing Sub-Account activity
  • Telephone or Internet access to the Master Account
  • Free year-end 1099 forms mailed directly to the Sub-Account holder
  • FDIC insurance up to the maximum permitted for each Sub-Account holder

Best of all, the account is offered FREE, with no maintenance fees or service charges!

Interested in getting rid of a cumbersome, time-consuming process that can be a drain on your firm's resources? Contact us today to learn more about Escrow Manager.


Serving, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania
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